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SEO or Search engine optimization....It's what helps your website to get the coveted page one Google rankings for your chosen keywords.  You want your website at the top of the SERP's in your niche, but is your SEO good enough?

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SEO/Search Engine Optimization

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SEO and web development is where I started in 1996.  I says "Digital Warrior Since 1999" in my logo.  However, thats actually the year I made the decision to go full time.

It wasn't until 1997 that the term search engine optimization was first used, a time when Google didn't even exist.

Pre-Google search engines weren't yet focused on delivering the best experience for their users.  First page number one rankings back then, were easy-peasy for practically any niche.

Google founders recognized the opportunity in providing a better search experience.  It was Google's goal then and still is today.

There are many things we can do to give Google what it wants.

But todays search optimization also relies on your website, its pages and its content to provide a positive user experience.  One that is relevant to their search term, that creates engagement and increases dwell time.

Dwell time, is the amount of time visitors spend on your sites pages after clicking your link in the SERP's.  The longer they stay and interact with you sites pages before heading back to the results page, the better.

Googles current core update(May 25, 2022) continues its focus on relevancy.  It also looks like there may be some extra weight being given to PR, Branding and influencer marketing.

Stick around and keep yourself updated on what's happening in SEO.  I'll also share some strategy, tips, tools, resources.  You canals  expect to see some SEnuke updates as we get closer to releasing the latest most powerful version to date!


Let's Talk SEOSEO or Search engine optimization....It's what helps your website to get

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